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Practice Areas

How to Request Medical Records

To access your medical records visit your health care providers website. From there you will locate the "records" section, likely listed under the "contact" section. You can usually request medical records through your patient portal, by calling, or visiting your doctor's office. A short form or release papers may be require completion. Oliver Bell Group strongly encourages patient record retrieval to save time and money, as medicinal companies significantly upcharge third parties. Discharge paperwork received at the end of a doctor visit does NOT count as official medical records or documentation. See the attached examples and contact Oliver Bell Group for additional help. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are your retainers refundable?

A: Generally yes, depending on the type of case.


Q: Have you had success in getting individuals removed from the Sex Offender Registry?

A: Yes, we have had success in getting registrants obligations to register lifted in several counties throughout the State of Michigan.


Q: Do you handle expungements?