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case manager and legal assistant Tayah Stephens

Tayah Stephens

Case Manager

Tayah is a recent graduate from Michigan State University with a degree in Political Science Pre-Law. Before working at the Oliver Bell Group, she interned at Senator Gary Peters Office during the summer of 2022. She quickly learned from her experience that she wanted to personally connect with individuals and help them with their legal issues. From an early age she has always been interested in the way that people think and what motivates them. Upon applying to college, she realized that political science would allow her to engage in and explore these things. She then decided to take a few law classes since she was already on a pre-law track. During those law classes she found that the study of the law was extremely interesting to her. She gained a passion for wanting to help people when it came to civil and criminal law.

Tayah also joined the Black Undergraduate Law Association. Joining this organization allowed her to explore her passion even more. She was able to gain a better understanding of the legal world and connect with people in the professional field. Although she already had a passion for law, working for Oliver Bell Group has reinforced any doubts that she may have had about pursuing law as her career. The most rewarding part of her day is being able to see how passionate the other lawyers in the office are. Tayah’s plan is to start studying this summer for the LSAT and apply to law school before the end of the year for the 2024 Fall term.

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