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attorney Micah Cross

Micah Cross

Associate Attorney

Micah has always been interested in law and recalls wondering why we, as a society, order ourselves the way we do as early as nine years old. He was born in the United States but grew up in China where one had to force their way in line to access the public-school bus, heightening said curiosity. What is law? How do people resolve disputes? Who is the authoritative figure? What makes a legal system effective? Micah began his quest for answers studying sociology, psychology, philosophy, before attending law school and graduating from Wayne State University’s school of Law in 2020. He chose to pursue a career in law because of its immediate tangibility, as it applies to every facet of life and every area of life requires structure.


While in school Micah spent a semester abroad in Taiwan in 2018 and has always been intrigued by international legal systems. The International Justice Mission has been especially influential to Micah who admires their commitment to ensuring the rule of the law is applied across the globe; even in places that have broken or nonexistent criminal justice systems. He is also passionate about historical law and enjoys reading medieval cases in his spare time. His dedication to knowledge expands beyond the classroom as Micah continues to study the past. He is currently learning Chinese and Japanese.


At Oliver Bell Group Micah is currently focused on cases pertaining to medical malpractice, criminal law, and upholding Michigan’s Freedom of Information Act. He appreciates that Oliver Bell Group does not box itself or their employees into one category, allowing room for growth and expansion. Micah enjoys the challenge of breaking down complex issues into smaller, digestible components. He believes in having a strong foundation from which laws can be altered or added to; believes in curing injustice through established legal systems. Though the newest and youngest attorney with the firm he's taken to the field with amazing energy, throwing himself into new fields and attacking new problems with voracious curiosity.

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