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attorney Paul Matouka

Paul Matouka

Associate Attorney

With previous experience in different roles at firms involved with international arbitration, civil rights, and environmental cases, Paul Moutaka now serves as an associate attorney at the Oliver Bell Group. With an eye toward helping individuals stand up for their rights when they have been wronged, Paul is an advocate in matters related to personal injury, civil rights, and the betterment of mankind.


Paul was born and raised in Michigan, just north of Detroit. Here he earned his undergraduate degree in environmental science and policy. After graduating from Michigan State, he spent three summers working in Colorado for the Bureau of Land Management fighting forest fires. In his off seasons (fire season only ran from May to late August or early September each year) he worked various jobs and travelled. After three seasons of firefighting, he chose to go to law school at Wayne State University with the hopes of becoming an environmental lawyer.


However, during his first year at law school he became involved in the Flint Water Crisis litigation. This experience emphasized the relationship between our civil rights and the environment. While studying at Wayne State University, he received a fellowship to study public international law in the Hague. After graduation, he interned at a large international law firm before finding his forever home at Oliver Bell Group. Paul especially appreciates how the Oliver Bell Group encourages their employees to expand upon the areas of law they currently specialize in, leaving room for individual growth. He appreciates the collectivist attitude that coincides with a small firm diligently working together to achieve a greater goal. The mutual trust between Paul and individual case workers is what allows him to develop in depth relationships with clients and be hands on in all of his cases.

Paul’s upbringing, education, and experiences have shaped his worldview and goals as an attorney. He views and honors his role as someone who stands up for those who are injured or oppressed by people or entities with more power and resources. There will always be abuses of power by the state and corporations, but if those abuses are not called out, those responsible are likely to repeat their actions. Paul hopes to continue to protect the rights of those in need and is passionate about not just his clients, but the legal system as a whole. He is especially passionate about prison reform and creating systems that focus on rehabilitation and treat people humanly. He constantly pursues positive legal changes and will continue to strive to have a constitutional right to the environment recognized at a state and federal level.

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