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Attorney and law firm partner Cameron Bell

Cameron Bell

Partner & Attorney at Law

Cameron has known he wanted to pursue law since the age of twelve (12). As a child he loved social studies, history, civics, and cannot imagine himself doing anything else. Being the first in his family and immediate circle to pursue law, Cameron has truly forged his own path. He is a self-made success with over seven years of legal experience in matters ranging from medical malpractice, business law, criminal defense, no-fault, mass torts, complex cases requiring expert witnesses, and an unshakable determination to learn more. Although he has always wanted to help others, Cameron accredits his undergrad ethics class for expanding his empathetic perspective for the better. He believes in being good to people and treating clients with the same care you would extend to a close friend. He views his role as being someone his clients can confide in and does not view his cases as mere business transactions.

Being a natural born leader, Cameron was the vice president of the sports & entertainment law society at Cooley Law school where he received a peer nominated leadership award. Today, he continues to display leadership qualities in and out of the courtroom, taking the time to educate local peers about our legal systems. He is especially passionate about educating the youth in hopes of keeping children from negatively altering their futures. He actively serves his community, demonstrating his commitment to helping others both within and beyond his chosen career. He has a strong background in building genuine relationships with each of his clients, developing legal strategies that put each client in a position to pursue the most favorable outcome available. Cameron is known for always going the extra mile to secure the best possible scenario in the variety of cases he undertakes. He values honesty and transparency, meaning he is open about his capabilities, wanting his clients to find the best fit for them.

He is a firm believer in defending individuals against oppression by corporations and municipalities, working diligently on behalf of his clients. He is consistently seeking expansion in both his personal and professional goals, admiring the freedom and support the Oliver Bell Group provides their employees to learn and practice new areas of law. Cameron enjoys keeping his mind and body sharp in his free time, carving out time for reading and exercise. He values knowledge and although passionate about criminal defense, is always pursuing new areas of law to avoid stagnation. Cameron is featured on the Oakland County Public Defenders list at a high level, a member of the American Association for Justice, and of the Michigan Association for Justice. He is experienced, yet young and sharp-minded. He feels blessed to live his dream every single day, representing the open, diverse, passionate, and supportive team that is Oliver Bell Group.

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