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law firm office manager and legal assistant Thor Glenn

Thor Glenn

Office Manager

Thor is the Oliver Bell Group's office manager, handling a variety of tasks from drafting and filing of legal documents to client communications. Thor strives to keep clients updated and well-informed about their cases at every turn as keeping the lines of communication open between clients and their legal representation is the lifeblood of the firm.


Thor was raised on a horse ranch where he developed a skill for carpentry, inspired by  his father’s career. He began working for a pizza place in his late teens, granting him the freedom to explore what he dreamed of doing with his life. He spent some time looking into the trades and gained experience as a carpenter, electrician, and groundskeeper.


As a natural born leader, Thor sees a problem and searches for a resolution. This strength quickly turned into a longing to do more; to learn more and actualize positive change. He needed to know what it meant to be human, and perused anthropology - the study of humans - to understand our history. After he understood our history, he wanted to learn more about what makes our world the way it is. As law is the foundation of our society, law seemed the next logical step. Thor studied at Washtenaw Community College and began work here at the Oliver Bell Group. His hope is to grow and develop as a leader while expanding his knowledge of law and the structure of our society. Most importantly, he wants to help others find justice in this world.

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