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head case manager and legal assistant Almado Doko

Almado Doko

Case Manager

Al was born in Albania before his parents immigrated to the United State, looking to give their family a better future. Growing up, his parents instilled in him the importance of kindness and helping others. Al thrived in academia and spent most of his life studying to be a doctor. Studying neuroscience at University of Michigan, he realized that while the sciences were interesting, he wasn’t finding the purpose he was looking for. After dipping his toes into social work and corporate offices, he found what he was looking for in the legal field.


At the Oliver Bell Group Al has been able to put his background in the sciences to use by coordinating with experts on medical malpractice cases as well as assisting attorneys with scientific research on cases. He has been able to make some difference in people’s lives through working these cases and helping clients find reparation for the suffering they’ve had to go through. Al wants to continue to expand his knowledge of the legal field and do his part making the world even just a little more kind for everyone.

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