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Marketing specialist and content creator Emilie Ryan O'Neill

Emilie O'Neill

Marketing Administrator

Emilie is a Marketing Administrator and content creator at Oliver Bell Group. She completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at Kendall College of Art and Design in the Spring of 2022, specializing in photographic processes and cultural anthropology. Despite her appreciation for fine art, Emilie has always longed to use her creative talents for something beyond herself. She accumulated marketing experience at a CBD shop and RV company before landing her current role at OLG. She has always had an interest in law and volunteered at a local court before attending college.


Emilie has always been fascinated by why society is set up the way that it is, particularly in relation to educational systems. Yet it wasn’t until college that she began to question not only why things were the way they were, but also who said systems were benefiting and being controlled by. Upon taking many cultural studies classes Emilie discovered a passion for civil rights and felt compelled to seek a career where she could genuinely help people, and enact positive change. She has always valued community, taking inspiration from her grandfather who started his own medical practice while tending to his garden and farm animals, demonstrating the value of life itself and fulfilment that comes from caring for all living things.


Emilie hopes to use her current position to inform potential clients of the services offered at the Oliver Bell Group and educate the public on the important legal matters. She is inspired by her passionate, diverse, and knowledgeable coworkers every single day and will continue to use her creativity to highlight the extraordinary legal team that formulates the Oliver Bell Group.


“Everyone at the Oliver Bell Group has a heart of gold. If you want a dedicated attorney who actually cares and will do everything in their power to help you, contact us today”

-Emilie O'Neill 

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