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Michigan Repeals Drug Immunity Law

Updated: Jan 29

Bill Update: Michigan's Drug Immunity Law has officially been overturned. Read below for details & contact the Oliver Bell Group today for a free consultation.

What This Means for Medical Product Liability Cases

In 1995, Michigan amended the Product Liability Act (MCL 600.2946) preventing legal action from being taken against drug sellers and manufacturers. This law is referred to as the drug immunity law, as it has shielded the pharmaceutical industry from suit. As it stands, residents of Michigan cannot partake in national litigation or seek compensation for medical related product liability claims. As a result, large medical drug and device companies whose products have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration cannot be held liable for damages ensued.

However, a new bill has just passed the Michigan House, Senate, and is currently awaiting the governor’s signature. The bill, if signed would deprive pharmaceutical companies of said drug immunity. This revision will help hold medical corporations accountable for the physical, mental, and emotional suffering caused to individuals and their respective family members; making any medical related product liability case that took place within the past three years fair game.

With locations in both Texas and Michigan, Oliver Bell Group has specialized in medical related product liability cases for more than twenty-five years. Our firm has worked and received leadership positions on a variety of nationwide cases, giving us the experience other firms lack. Our expertise expands to the following ongoing cases:

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And more. If you think you may have a case click here to schedule your free consultation or call (248) 327-6556 today.



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