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Marjuana Business Licensing Attorneys

Experienced Attorneys in Troy, Michigan

The Medical Marihuana Facilities Licensing Act (MMFLA) was adopted in 2018 and determines which businesses can grow, process, transport, and provide medical marijuana to Michigan residents. To get a business license, you must submit an application and adhere to all rules set by the Marijuana Regulation Agency (MRA). Applying for a medical marijuana license is not cheap, and the $6,000 fee is nonrefundable. As such, you will want to make sure you get your application right on the first try.

How Do I Get a License?

In Michigan, medical dispensaries are called “provisioning centers.” As part of the application process, all individuals associated with the provisioning centers are background checked. The MRA also investigates the nature of your business and makes sure you adhere to all costs and regulations.

To be approved, you will need to present a marijuana business plan with safety and security protocol, inventory and record-keeping provisions, and even your intentions for marketing.

Before you can open your doors, you will also have to pay an annual regulatory assessment. For the 2020 Fiscal Year, the regulatory assessment for a new provisioning center is $44,000.

Our medical marijuana licensing lawyers can help ensure you stay compliant every step of the way.

What Will My License Allow Me To Do?

If you are approved for a medical marijuana license, you will be able to sell cannabis to patients holding an active medical marijuana identification card. You can sell each patient up to 2.5 ounces of cannabis or equivalent products each day, but you may not sell more than 10 ounces of marijuana per patient per month.

Provisioning centers are extremely profitable. Within 4 months of the first medical marijuana dispensaries opening in Michigan, the industry raked in over $42 million in sales. More than a quarter of dispensaries in the United States generate annual revenues exceeding $1 million.

Compliance is Key

Compliance is the secret ingredient to your company’s short- and long-term success in Michigan’s medical marijuana industry. Fortunately, our firm can help you meet and exceed the current regulations and stay up to date on any changes.

At Oliver Bell Group, our attorneys have over 22 years of combined experience and have enjoyed multiple successes on behalf of medical marijuana providers.

Get Started Today

Like any business owner, you are taking a risk by starting a medical marijuana dispensary. We want to help make sure that risk pays off because we truly believe in treating our clients like family.

Call or send us a message for a free consultation with the Oliver Bell Group.

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