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Pedestrian Accident Attorneys 

Serving Clients Nationwide

There are few things scarier than being hit by a car while you're on foot. It's scary enough to be involved in a crash while inside a car or truck, but at least then you have some protection from the body of the vehicle around you. When a car hits a pedestrian's body directly, serious – and often fatal – injuries follow.

If you or a loved one was hurt in a pedestrian accident, Oliver Bell Group can help. We represent people who have sustained serious injuries and help them get back on their feet.

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This Wasn't Your Fault – We'll Help You Move Forward

Pedestrians and motorists both have a responsibility to share the road appropriately, but when either party fails in that responsibility, it's the pedestrian who gets hurt.

Some dangerous driving behaviors that often cause pedestrian accidents include:

  • Driving too fast in areas with significant pedestrian traffic

  • Texting while driving or other distracted driving

  • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol

  • Driving while fatigued/falling asleep at the wheel

You may think that your case will be easily resolved and your injuries will be covered by insurance. Unfortunately, that's rarely what happens. You'll be dealing with the insurance company representing the at-fault driver, and their priority is to protect their client and reduce their liability, not to help you.

That's not right. And that's why you need an experienced pedestrian accident attorney in Troy to help with your personal injury claim. We'll listen to your story and get your perspective on what happened and how the accident has affected your life. Our legal team can find the evidence needed to build a strong case for you and handle the insurance matters on your behalf so that you can focus on getting better.

Can a Pedestrian Be at Fault in a Car Pedestrian Accident?

Although uncommon, a pedestrian can be either partially or fully at fault for a car-pedestrian accident since pedestrians still have a responsibility to follow certain traffic laws put in place to keep them safe. Some situations where a pedestrian can be found at fault are:

  • A pedestrian was crossing against the traffic signal

  • A pedestrian was crossing the road outside a crosswalk

  • A pedestrian was walking where pedestrian access is clearly not allowed

There are many factors that are considered when it comes to pedestrian accident liability, even if a pedestrian was not crossing the road in an appropriate spot. If you have been injured, contact our pedestrian accident lawyers today to learn how we can help you.

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