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Vaping Injury Attorneys

Seeking Justice for Victims of Lung Disease and Addiction in Michigan

Until recently, the e-cigarette industry has been enormously underregulated. The FDA did not even have jurisdiction to interfere until 2009.

Meanwhile, the market swelled to an estimated $4.1 billion and teenagers across the nation were enticed by sweet and fruity flavors. Now, a mysterious lung disease has afflicted nearly 400 young adults and killed 6 others, and an “epidemic” of teen vaping and nicotine addiction has arisen.

Pulmonary Illness

After treating 2 young, otherwise healthy patients for unexplained and severe lung illnesses in under a week, a Utah physician alerted her state health department. From there, hospitals around the country reported similar cases and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention began to investigate a disturbing trend. As of September 11, 2019, there have been 380 confirmed cases of pulmonary illness linked to the use of e-cigarettes. So far, 6 people have died.

The CDC investigation is still underway, but the illnesses are not infectious and are likely caused by chemical exposure.

If you have suffered from lung disease as a result of vaping, we can help you prepare a case.


Michigan was the first state in the nation to ban flavored e-cigarettes from the market. Gov. Gretchen Whitmer complained that e-cig companies used sweet flavors like bubble gum and “fruit loops” to pander to young people and hook them on nicotine.

The ban will likely go into effect by the end of October. Whitmer also pointed out the deceptive marketing of e-cigs as “clear, safe, and healthy,” and hopes to regulate these misleading claims. After a surge in vaping among middle and high school students, the Trump administration requested a similar, nationwide ban.

By eliminating appealing flavors, lawmakers hope to eliminate rising rates of teen nicotine addiction.

Several young adults are already filing lawsuits against companies like Juul for addiction and other health problems that were not indicated by the company’s marketing claims.

If you have been mislead by e-cigarette advertising and suffer from addiction, discuss your case with our attorneys today.

Injured by Juul? We Can Help.

At Oliver Bell Group, we have over 20 years of experience representing clients in product liability and mass tort claims. With a success rate of 98%, we know what it takes to hold negligent manufacturers accountable. Let us help you in your time of need.

Call or send us a message for a free consultation with the Oliver Bell Group, representing cases nationwide. 

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